Join the 3D Foot Orthotics Generation !

Initiate your journey to the world of custom 3D Foot Orthotics thru an immersive experience.

Get started in a few minutes, download the FootSCAN3D and FootCAD3D softwares and book a Test-Drive with our team. 

We offer you a 1h Tour of the solution and give you first tricks & tips to start your 3D learning journey

If you are convinced, subscribe to the 3D STARTER PACK.

The Starter Pack experience offers you an personalized onboarding, individual coaching and the opportunity to order up to 15 or 25 custom 3D insoles (milled or printed) on GESPODO production infrastructure.


During your Starter Pack Experience – No contract, No volume commitment, No subscription fees, you are free to discover the world of 3D Orthotics at your own pace. 

BOOK your Test drive

more than a demo

More than a demo, at the end of the  1 hour testdive  you have the bases to start designing on your own. 

For a fee, you can send your first 3D insoles files for production on Gespodo Infra, or to decrypt in .STL format to perform for your own CNC milling or printing tests

3D STARTER PACK and 1:1 coaching

For a fixed price, get a personalised onboarding from our 3D coaches and recieve consumption credits  to access to more hours of coaching, production services or .STL exports if you want to produce by yourself.  

A great way to jump-in in the 3D world in full confidence and at no risk!

design & production

You don’t want to 3D design by yourself?  We offer 3D design services based on a web based prescription form tailored to your practice. 

We send you back the 3D model to produce on your own CNC or Printer, or we produce for you as your Central Fab.     


EQUIP YOUR LAB with the best of 3D

As a standalone practice, an O&P group or a Central Fab connect your practitioners on our OPen3D workflow.

Unifying your operations, connecting with your  CNC, 3D printers – or with ours for delegated production  

GESPODO supports you acquiring and developping 3D skills at your own pace, empowering you to transition smoothly to a digital practice.
In all cases, you can evolve according to the experience acquired and your desires … or your life priorities.

Included in my STARTER PACK

Activation and start

Installation, activation and configuration of tools

Customization of the switchgear plan

Demonstration session on the use of different tools

Sharing of experiences, good practices and tips and tricks

2 hours of individual coaching with our podiatrists and biomechanics experts

Welcome kit

Set of templates by size

EVA material samples / durometries / lamination

3 demonstration sole samples

Documentation concerning the FootSCAN3D scanner, the equipment plan on Gespodo PRO and the FootCAD3D design software


One day of face-to-face training offered with a visit to our production lab in Grez-Doiceau Belgium (3D CLINICS)

Certification of qualifications

Distance training on PodoCHAT and

Follow-up and advice

The GesPodo team is at your disposal and supports you in your projects

Support for the development of your practice

Complementary coaching adapted to your needs (on request)

contact your 3D COACH

Request additional informations from one of your Gespodo advisor

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