Equip your production workshop

Take control of the entire manufacturing process of your plantar orthoses by investing in a high-performance machine adapted to your activities.

Our CNC milling machines are specially designed and configured to meet the needs of machining 3D soles and the practice of foot health professionals: podiatrists, orthopaedists, podo-orthists…

Start Your Way

Do you know that beyond 12-15 pairs per week, it becomes really attractive to invest in your own 3D laboratory?
GesPodo, offers you a complete solution: intuitive design software and CNC milling machine

Interested in a return on investment (ROI) calculation based on your own assumptions?
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High performance or lightweight optimized for EVA


4 pairs in 60 min.

• Micro-step technology

• 1400 DI Spindle

• Industrial PC(Linux)

• Easy tool reset probe

• HD Touchscreen

• Aluminium worktable

• EU certified enclosure kit

• EVA Mills and mandrels kit & Dust shoe

• Milling space: 620x620x120

• (L/W/H): 1100x1016x1980

• 2 Years Warranty

• Available in DIY kit or fully mounted.
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1 pair in 8-12 min.

• Brushless Servo motors

• Spindle ISA 1500W

• Integrated electronics

• Industrial PC(Windows)

• Articulated screen, keyboard

• High performance vacuum table and pump + actuator

• Low noise emission

• Milling : 400x300x140

• Format (L/P/H) 1034x800x1980

• 2 years Warranty

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Other models and configurations available for rental or purchase on request from your Gespodo advisor.

Design easily your insoles /AFO with
FOOTCAD3D software

Thanks to this 3D plantar orthotics design software, in a few minutes you can make your soles with great precision and send them to your digital milling machine for shaping.

Gespodo Advisors

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