A single 3D Design Solution
for custom Foot Orthotics

A single 3D design solution suited for CNC milling or 3D printing of your custom insoles and AFO’s”

Regardless your footprint acquisition methods, your orthotics design workflow or your production preferences, FootCAD3D  allow you to go beyond current limits ! 

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Then select the most appropriate plan for your business: 

Starter-Pack, Standalone or Franchise ! 

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A fast installation


Follow the steps down this page and install the software in less than 5 min on your computer and start designing ! 

1:1 onboarding


Upon purchase of the Starter Pack, GESPODO Experts are available  to assist and answer any queries.

You benefits from 1h onboarding and 2h of individual coaching 

Flexible services

You decide to create your design from a blank sheet or to use one of many existing templates. You will also decide the kind of othotic you wish to produce (Milled EVA, Printed resin …)

A 3D experience


Not only you will save up to 40 min per patient growing up your productity and efficiency but also, you will gain quality time with your family & friends.

         FootCAD3D – 3D design solution for custom insoles, foot orthotics and AFOs

Download the installer - Ask for your activation key - Enjoy the FootCAD3D Now!

  1. Click on the downloading link and follow the instructions.
  2. When the first sotware installation window apprear, : you will have to paste the activation key that will be given to you. 
  3. With the first saving of an insole, a window will ask you for your ID, you will have to write your surname.

Some additional tools to help you

Download sample .STL footprints

A few samples to let you play with FootCAD3D if you don't have a 3D scanner

Download FootCAD3D quick user’s manual

Understand the controls and shortkeys, connect your mouse and follow the quick guide to make your first steps with FootCAD3D (also available in French).

Check this quick start video

We explain you step by step how to start testing FootCAD3D

One question? The answer is maybe here.

Your activation key can only be used once. We have to give you a new key to install the software in your new computer. Ask for a new key.

Is possible to create a template library as well as an insoles or treatments library, and in the same way an elements library. The software allows to implement a personal database according to the practices of each.

Yes, is necessary to save the work done with the left foot to after work with the right foot. However, you cant view both feet at the same time and move each foot/ 3D model.

Is possible to adapt the concordance of the insole with the one of the shoes at the same time. You can if is necessary remove and measure strictly the length and the width of the sock liner and implement those measures in the insole in every moment of the designing. You can anyway resume the treatment and modify the length and the width for other pair of shoes (foot etc)

If you have reinstalled or installed the software in a new PC, we have to give you a new key to access. Your activation key can only be used once.

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