I have a scanner in my pocket
with the Footscan3D mobile app

FootSCAN3D is an integrated application for scanner, 3D reconstruction and capture of the therapeutic plan for podiatrists and foot health professionals.

Whether you take your impressions in charge, in semi-load or in discharge, the use of the FOOTSCAN3D scanner is simple and gives, in less than 2 minutes, a quality impression.

Download the FOOTSCAN3D for free

Whatever your choice, GESPODO accompanies you at your own pace in improving your practice.
In any case, you can evolve according to the experience acquired and your desires… or your life priorities.

Evolve towards a more efficient practice thanks to digital technology

Easy access to the digital process and 3D Insoles

Easy, fast and flexible tool

Total mobility in your consultations: in practice, at home or on the sports field

Freedom to scan in charge, semi-charge or discharge

Start-up mask to guide you in taking impressions

Real-time display of the fingerprint on your smartphone

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